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"Heavy" and "Snowflake" giving workshop in West Coast Swing at KC Swing Dance Club 1999.
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My resume (s) various test site proposals, links, demos, personal info, movie stills and miscellaneous projects.
A grab-bag site for odd items.

KC Dance - Dance Information for the Greater Kansas City area

Calendar, Photos and Information on dancing in KC and where to learn - is not a studio and does not provide lessons. is an information service with calendars you can enter your own events into. Especially where to go to learn to dance without spending an arm and a leg or auctioning off your first-born.


Photo-Journalistic Wedding - Every wedding is a story.
In recent years digital photography has made journalistic coverage affordable for nearly any wedding. The less-structured style and the larger number of shots taken allow for more open possiblities at a lower cost than possible with film.


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Online course material (now retired) -- Database, Web Radio, Video Editing, Web Site Design, Web Site Programming, Web Streaming and Web Writing.
Dance Division Classes (also retired)
  Dance Production - Class Items - was as a guest for Dance 107
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Dance Division Classes
  Dance Production - Class Items
  Dance Tech Class Exercises and supplemental materials

1979 Arthur Murray's in downtown Kansas City - owned by Tom Chapman, later to leave AM and incorporate as TCI.

KC Two-Steppin' - Ron and Kadijah, contest winners in 2005, here in the Jazz Museum in the 18th and Vine District

Catalog Lists

Tango at Dexter Hall - more than a century as a dance hall.


A Couple of Old Shows:

Katie Cowan - City in Motion at the GEM - jete in "There Ain't No Grave"

Blue Wolf Gallery - July 2006

First Friday Opening - July 7, 2006
Just across from the Arts Incubator on the north side of the arts district near the corner of 18th and Baltimore (110 West 18th Street, Kansas City, Mo). These pictures were, for the most part, taken within a year of the exhibition date. Some of the pictures harken back a few years to the dance scene in the mid to late 90's in Kansas City. As with my other pictures, none were posed. These are taken in rehearsals, in performance and in clubs as they happened. On stage they depend on the existing lighting. Sometimes in clubs I bring in my own lighting but never to kill the mood of the club. In any case, no one is running through a movement repeatedly until I get the shot. I have to take what is offered.
Pre-Opening Page: with the invitation to the gallery opening.
Opening-Night Page: First Friday 7 July 2006 at the Blue Wolf.
View a wall diagram: click here (note: 3.3 megabyte download) (in PDF, you will need Acrobat)
View a database listing: Peruse the catalog online.

Muddy's Coffee House - Jan/Feb 2005

Database Listing for Pictures
318 E 51st, KCMO, 64112 - (816) 756-3121 One of my favorite spots by campus. Show Date was January - February 2005 These pictures are no longer posted. If you are looking for pictures from this show contact me in email at or by phone at 816-444-4459.

Eden Alley

Database Listing for Pictures
47th and Jefferson on the plaza (beneath Unity Temple) - Great veggie eating. An all-time favorite restaurant. These pictures are no longer posted. If you are looking for pictures from this show contact me in email at or by phone at 816-444-4459.

City in Motion

Database Listing for Pictures
The pictures are still hanging at City in Motion. These pictures are no longer posted on this site. If you are looking for pictures from this show contact me in email at or by phone at 816-444-4459.

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