Privacy Policy

We guard your privacy closely.  We do NOT allow the use of our registration list or our customer list to third parties.

The contact information provided by you at registration or at purchase may be used by KC Dance Information  to contact you for any reason, including: (1) Your account status (including an email confirmation of registration), (2) Major changes to the website, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, (3) Participation in user surveys, asking for feedback on the website and (4) notifying you of existing or prospective products and services offered by KC Dance. This information helps us to improve our website.

To remove your name from our registration or our customer list, please email us at  Or you can call at 816-444-4459.

Credit Card Information (for purchases)

All credit card information is handled by PayPal (not me). I hand off all the transaction to PayPal's site when it is time for payments (you will notice the secure URL:" - the "s" stands for "secure socket layer"). PayPal is a secure agent. They and they alone deal with your financial data. They are experts.

Check Your URL

Always check the URL in anyone's payment screen. Make sure it starts out with "" (or in the case of another company, such as Amazon, at least the "https" protocol). In my case you should always find the proper PayPal URL. Keep checking. Just as your machine can be infected so can the machines on a service provider, even though hosting sites is their business and they are better at it than you or me.

Several years ago during the Code Red problem an ISP who was hosting me was infected with Code Red. While it did not do any re-directing (something which needs a lot of personal hacking effort) it did really mess up files with additions and defacements designed to infect visitors to my site. They fixed this several times before getting run out of business by Code Red. I had to switch providers (a couple of times since). Big pain for me, unpleasant for visitors and a disaster for that ISP.

Emails Contacting You

Do not ever respond to any email or other phishing method claiming to be KC Dance and wanting personal ID information and financial information (such as account numbers, social security number, and so forth). I will not ask you for any such information and any legit company won't send these things. If they give you a link to click on - don't, don't don't click.

On investigation you will almost always find that the links do not go where they claim (in the visible text) or, on checking the source (code) of an email, you may find an extremely long URL which starts with the seemingly legit URL (the length overwhelms the address buffer causing the computer to throwout the first part and instead to use a second URL at the tail end of the URL string which goes to a counterfeit. Basic rule for emails which advise you to update or check your account information is don't. There is so much of this kind of ID-stealing spam that the address these claim to be from is almost always false.

KC Dance Information assumes no liability for disclosure of data due to errors in transmission or unauthorized third parties.