DanceForms Common Tasks

Select a range of frames (on the score) so that you can do something with them (select first then do the action)
Click and drag the mouse (you will see the dotted line) (Drag while the mouse still has a cross shape) You can get this by pulling on the vertical cursor line (not the handle to the right of it)

Delete a selected frame or frames - Use the "Cut" command from the Edit Menu (delete button won't work)

To Clear a frame or range of frames of any figures or parts of figures use the "Clear" command from the Edit Menu. This removes the figure or parts of figures but leaves the same number of frames (they are not deleted, but information is removed).

To expand the number of frames between any two key frames either:
1 Click between the frames, and press the space bar for the number of frames
2 Click between the frames, then use the mouse to pull on the right-side handle as far as you want.
(Make sure the cursor changes to a Left-Right horizontal arrow before pulling the handle, by hovering)
When you release the handle the frames will be inserted and the existing frames will move to the

Copy and Paste

You can paste as an insertion or you can paste over existing frames.
If you paste special you can copy just certain parts of figures (such as hands, or legs)